Rickshaws Pedicabs at Dublin’s Pride Parade

One of the most celebrated events of the year took place in Dublin’s Pride Parade. This event draws in people from all walks of life and Rickshaws was there in the midst of it all. Rickshaws’ eco-friendly promotional vehicles were hired by eBay, the American multinational e-commerce company, to participate in the LGBT Pride Parade. Two of Rickshaws’ pedicab promotional vehicles were adorned with eBay branding and took part in the spectacular event from start to finish to raise awareness …

Pedicabs in St Paddy’s Day Parades

Over St Patrick’s Day around Ireland our pedicabs were a huge hit with parade organizers. Our pedicabs were used to transport dignitaries, kids and Grand Marshals. Great craic was had by all. Over the summer our pedicabs will be at festivals and events throughout the country. We are ramping up for the summer season around Ireland and Northern Ireland over the summer. Look out for our pedicabs.
Bring on the summer!