Rickshaws.ie is a lean, clean, green advertising machine.

Hire our pedicabs / rickshaws as promotional vehicles for your brand. Our street level advertising platform can activate your brand anywhere. Call us now.

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Eco Cabs

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At Rickshaws.ie we can give your brand wheels. Our pedicabs deliver nationwide ground level brand activation through eco friendly urban transport.

Get in touch now to discuss your brand activation needs for your promotional event or launch.

Use our pedal power to put your brand in front of thousands of potential customers every day. We also offer brand sampling and in-cab audio advertising. Our pedicabs deliver on-street transportainment and offer eye level engagement for your brand. Grow your brand community now with rickshaws.ie

Our rickshaws offer an eco friendly advertising alternative that is consumer friendly in comparison to it’s motorised alternative. Think about your carbon footprint next time you choose outdoor level promotions. Rickshaws.ie is a sustainable medium that creates awareness and impact for your brands, with a minimal impact on the environment.

How Do We Work?
We work together with Brands, Agencies & Creative s to produce and roll out your promotion. Besides that we can also work directly with the client.